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ES Consulting, based out of Ohio, has been serving the US since 2001, providing IT Support services such as technical helpdesk support, computer infrastructure support, and IT consulting to small and medium-sized businesses.

ES Consulting has Moved!

ES Consulting is proud to announce the move of our corporate headquarters! We have moved to 3849 Park Avenue West in booming Ontario, Ohio!


“This used to be an antiques store, so it took some creativity to take a business that’s very antique-looking to a modern-looking technology business,” said ES Consulting CEO, Dennis Fox. “This building was just the right sizing for us to make the building represent the business that we are,” he said.

The remodeling process took six to eight months, as the building was transformed from a rustic, country-themed shop to a modern, upscale workspace. Workers moved in on June 16.

“If the people, who were in the building before, came through, they wouldn’t recognize it,” Fox said.

“We were really bursting at the seams at the old location. We just had too many people for the available space; parking was an issue; and when we had everyone in the office at one time, it was really tight. We knew we had to do something.”

Initially, he considered building from scratch, but struggled to find land that met the business’s current and future needs. He wanted a place with more meeting space and parking, easy access to interstates and a building that better fit the business’s reputation, inside and out.

ES Consulting was named one of the top 501 most capable and innovative companies providing managed IT services by MSP Mentor for the past two years. It also made the list of 5,000 fasting-growing private companies and also the Best Places to Work in the United States, as determined by

“It’s very typical in Mansfield to have houses renovated to look like a business that people work out of, and that’s what we were in,” Fox said. “It didn’t really represent who we are and what we do as a company. We are not the typical couple guys that know some IT kind of business. We are going for world class."

The new space includes plenty of meeting space, an employee gym and plenty of room to grow. With about four acres of land, ES Consulting could even construct additional buildings in the future.

The company now employs 17 people, who essentially serve as the IT department for more than 300 clients around the United States.

“We manage networks, servers, computers, anything related to IT,” Fox said. “A big focus for us is business continuity and security. What we are really trying to do is to make sure that your technology is a piece of your business that is either making you more efficient or more profitable.”

ES Consulting, short for Expert Solutions Consulting, was founded 2001. Fox took the role of CEO in 2004 after working as a technician for several years.

“I’ve actually come from being the technician to the visionary and everything in between myself,” he said.

He and vice president, Matthew Abrams, have both been with the company for more than a decade, molding it into what it is today, a constantly growing and changing IT service provider.